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Cameron Diaz’s Textured Up-Do

Cameron Diaz attended the premiere of UK Premiere of Gambit in a chic, black and white cocktail dress and her short hair pinned into a twisted bun. Hair stylist George Northwood created the look in just six easy steps. “The inspiration was something soft, girly and modern for the red carpet,” he said. Below, we give you a breakdown on how to recreate the look at home. 

Get the look with these picks:

  • Cameron Diaz’s Textured Up-Do

    Hair Dryer

    George started out by rough drying Cameron’s hair while scrunching to create texture and volume. He, then, blow-dried the bangs forward with a small round brush for a soft edge.
  • Cameron Diaz’s Textured Up-Do

    Finishing Spray

    He sprayed this lifting finishing spray throughout the roots. He avoided the bangs to keep them flat.
  • Cameron Diaz’s Textured Up-Do


    He backcombed the hair at the roots. Again, he excluded the bangs.
  • Cameron Diaz’s Textured Up-Do


    “Hold the hair into a pony then twist on itself and wrap into a bun,” said George. “Grip and pin into place around the outside of the bun.”
  • Cameron Diaz’s Textured Up-Do

    Curling Iron

    “Pull bits out around the face. Curl them lightly for texture and wave definition,” said George.
  • Cameron Diaz’s Textured Up-Do


    He finished it off with hairspray while ruffling up the style for a tussled look.