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Buy Now: MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

By Klaudia Tirico / November 7, 2013

Every great artist relies on their tools to help them achieve their vision. A makeup artist is no different. Whether you're a virgin experimenting with makeup for the first time or a senior artist working your magic on models backstage at Fashion Week, you need at least a few key makeup brushes to create a beautiful look. While the pros know what they are doing, us regular folk could use a lesson or two on using brushes. MAC Cosmetics is one step ahead of us in the department. No, they aren't sending their artists to our front door (we wish!), but it is the next best thing. They have redesigned the makeup brush to make application effortless and consistent for everyone. Introducing: Masterclass Brush, the future of makeup brushes. 
The three-piece collection features a new brush head and handle that are made to work parallel to the face (instead of being pointing at the face). The comfortable handles are designed with rubberized grips for better hold and control, and a new kind of synthetic bristle, dubbed Cosmefibre, "a proprietary combination of materials, dyes, coatings and configurations." Each brush is made to match the shapes of the face, while the fiber bundles fit perfectly within the face's surfaces and contours. 
"Several years ago, we in Artist Training and Development began to think about how to re-design a makeup brush to make self-application more effortless and consistent for both the right and left handed individual," said Nick Gavrelis, Vice President of Global Product Development for MAC. "Research took us back to the origin of brush design, when the brush handle was made of twig or bone and the brush head was comprised of feather, human or animal hair. These brushes were used (with primitive paint) to record events and stories. Eventually, the brush was directed toward the face to give early man and woman another outlet for creative expression. The Masterclass Brushes were created with these early brushes in mind." 

The brushes:

Oval 6 (middle, $42): Ideal for primer, foundation and powder. Also great for contouring the cheek bone area with bronzer or blush. 
Oval 3 (right, $32): Works best for applying, shading and blending cream and powder eye shadow. Plus, use it to apply foundation or concealer to specific areas like under the eye or the sides of your nose. 
Linear 1 (left, $25): The perfect brush for lining the eye and/or defining the brows. It can even work as a lip liner brush. 
Sure, the collection may only include three brushes. But, if you ask us, these are really all you need in your makeup bag! Buy your's today and see just how much easier applying your own makeup will be.