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The Truth About Brown Skin and Photography + More of the Week’s Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / April 4, 2014

This essay about brown skin and photography isn’t just poignant, it’s full of fascinating tidbits. For example: film technicians traditionally balanced photo prints by working off a reference card that showed a fair-skinned woman, which is why deeper skin tones often looked strange in old photos. [Buzzfeed]
This interview with a moderator from an online community for longhaired men is fascinating — and how great is this dude’s braid? [Slate]
LOL. The Target model who was Photoshopped to have an anatomically impossible thigh gap appeared on Ellen to show off her “mysteriously” long arms. [Jezebel]


Juice cleanses for kids are now a (terrible, awful) thing. Wonder if they come with sippy straws? [NY Post]

There’s a new trend in waxing: the “full-bush Brazilian,” A.K.A. the “normcore of pubic hair” or “the reverse mullett of pubes.” [The Cut]