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Best Gift for the Man Who Needs a Grooming Upgrade

By Beauty Blitz / December 22, 2014

As we leave a scruffy year behind, it's time to toss those clippers and moustache waxes. Starting this holiday season, 2015 will be the year of the freshly-shaven face. And that means your man needs to clean up his shaving game to avoid razor burn, nicks and ingrowns.

Most guys we know don't want to be bothered testing shaving creams and blades. So we're taking the guesswork out of it by presenting the best premium shaver out there. Brain Series 7 797cc is an advanced shaving system that gives your guy a thorough and comfortable shave. New Series 5 includes Flex Motion Tec technology to protect skin and remove hairs in problem areas. 

On bleary-eyed mornings when he's had one too many the night before, this gadget will clean up his 5 o' clock shadow with painless sonic technology and 10,000 micro vibrations that capture each and every hair. This best-performing shaving system ensures that a guy looks clean-shaven on demand. No blade wielding skills required. 

This season, procrastinators get an added bonus. Braun and Beauty Blitz are offering you a $40 coupon exclusively at Target in-store or online. Ready to upgrade his shave for the new year? Buy it here!

Braun 7 series has been rated as the “Best Electric Shaver” two years in a row by Details magazine. Braun Series 7 includes pulsonic technology with turbo mode and provides Braun’s best shave with 12% more power than any other Series 7. Braun is the official shaver of the NFL. For more information, visit the Braun website.