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Anti-Aging For Your Hair? Yes - It's Really A Thing

By Klaudia Tirico / July 17, 2013

Anti-aging is a word we normally use with skincare, but KEVIN.MURPHY seems to be onto something. The brand's latest collection, an expantion of the successul YOUNG.AGAIN leave-in treatment oil, promises to turn back the hands of time... for your strands.

"Like skin, hair ages over time. To combat this process, the YOUNG.AGAIN line takes skincare technology and applies it to hair, helping to renew youthful luster and shine while softening dry, damaged hair," said Kevin Murphy, stylist and founder of KEVIN.MURPHY.

The collection features a three-step system: WASH ($35), RINSE ($35) and MASQUE ($49). All three products are formulated with anti-aging ingredients like baobab seed oil, orchid flower extract, immortelle and bamboo extracts to hydrate, regenerate, repair and add luster and shine to even the dullest of hair.

“For this line, I have chosen ingredients that demonstrate longevity, along with ingredients that have shown resilience in harsh climatic conditions,” said Kevin.

The YOUNG.AGAIN collection is now available at participating salons. For more information, visit www.KevinMurphy.com.au.