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This On-Call Beauty Booking Platform Does More Than Just Great Hair and Makeup

By Klaudia Tirico / January 7, 2015

With more and more on-location beauty booking apps launching all the time, choosing one to commit to can be a little overwhelming. Sure, they all have their perks, but there are a couple things that Stylisted, our go-to beauty booking service, has that others don’t: the option to choose your hairstylist or makeup artist and opportunities for pros to build their own freelance platform. It’s a win win for both the beauty pro and the consumer. 

Stylisted was co-founded by Julia Carmona and Lauren Katzberg, who noticed a need for on-location beauty services in Chicago. Now, women there as well as in Los Angeles and New York can get the Stylisted treatment in the comfort of their homes and offices. Plus, the platform will be expanding to more U.S. cities, including Miami and Washington D.C., this year. This also means more opportunities for hairstylists and makeup artists to basically create their own mini business. Stylisted even allows the pros to create a profile page where customers can leave reviews, learn more about their work and request appointments. 

“Ultimately, we want our stylists to use the Stylisted platform to run what is essentially their own small business,” says Katzberg. “We felt it was important to empower beauty professionals to grow their freelance business by providing a platform through which they can showcase their work and connect with clients.”

Stylisted also offers more than just blowouts, updos and makeup applications. Customers can request lash application services and even airbrushing. And with a new website and app update, getting a glam squad to your door whenever you need is easier than ever.